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Echoes of the Past through Philately

by Fran Adams


Literature Synopsis

Theme and Scope

The subject of early man produces an immediate vision of the Neandertal man. Discovered 150 years ago, they have generated more interest than any other human form in nearly all quarters, from lay person to cleric to scientist. Although long extinct, by analyzing their remains, we are are able to discuss Neandertal’s origins and aspects of their life. This digital study presents Neandertals as we know them today through research. Subjects include discovery of their fossils, mistaken origins, ancestors, physical characteristics, geographic locations, technology, everyday life and modern research.


This electronic literature exhibit utilizes a single frame thematic exhibit on ‘Neandertal’ man as its basis. It differs from other efforts in the digital arena by amplifying the exhibit’s theme, expanding on plan subjects and including related areas of interest. More than only an enhanced exhibit, it becomes an interactive philatelic literature reference for viewers.

Philatelic Elements

Postal materials with ‘identifiable’ designs of the Neandertal and his artifacts are included.

  • Original Design Art
  • Design Proof
  • Postage Stamps - definitive, commemorative, airmail, semi-postal, self-adhesive and official issues
  • Souvenir Sheet
  • Commemorative Postal Stationery
  • Postmarks
  • Advertising Hand and Machine Cancels
  • Commemorative Hand and Machine Cancels
  • Postage Meters

Postage stamp and stationery issues from bona fide stamp-issuing governments, as well as local and private issues, have been included in the checklist for completeness.


This Compact Disc (CD) literature exhibit uses images and navigational icons with embedded links. Place the mouse over graphics or links (‘hovering’) and wait a few seconds. A ‘tool tips’ window will appear explaining clicking actions or other directions, etc. An integrated search function allows direct interaction with the content and the ability to find specific information quickly

Copyright and Privacy

All images of and designs from postage stamps and associated postal materials are copyright of their respective issuing authorities (national postal services as named in the material designs). Uncancelled stamps or stationery have been ‘altered’ using a textual or graphic overlay to obliterate part of the design. Article texts are included through the courtesy of, and with written permission from, the respective organizations, and authors as appropriate. Postal materials may be addressed. Such addresses were released into the public domain when the material was sold or otherwise distributed into collecting channels, regardless of material age or when distribution occurred.

Philatelic, Literature and Digital References

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